Top 7 Secrets Your Computer Repair Company Didn’t Tell You

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Are you facing problem in your computer or laptop? Want to take it to a repair center or shop? If yes, then read this article carefully before going ahead. Here we will discuss some top secrets of computer repair that no company will tell you.

  • They can place used in your machine but charged you for new: However, not all companies do such type of behavior with customers. But you need to aware about it even for the rare case. Company can place a used part in your machine in place of damaged part and can take full charges from you. So ask the technician to take your permission for placing any internal or external part in the pc. Also, recheck the newly placed part before paying money and leaving the repair shop.
  • Company can damaged something else on your computer trying to fix it: It may be happened accidently. But company will not accept their mistake. Contrary, they may blame last tech or a previous repair center for this mistake.
  • The repair cost will vary from the phone discussed price: Some computer repair companies show low cost in the adverting. But when you will take their services they will cost you more than the real cost. Some other companies show low cost of repair during the phone discussion but after the repair they will ask you for the extra cost by making any excuses.
  • They ship your computer/device out of state for repair: Today, such type of cases occur more and more. Companies that don’t actually hold qualifications, certification and experience to perform repair services use this method. They ship different companies’ computer devices out of state and start their repair business without any authority. They only work for their business profits and don’t care for the customers’ needs.
  • If you don’t have your data backed up, and they lose it: However, these are very rare cases. But some companies do their work in hurry and create the data loss problem to customers who don’t take the back-up of their data.
  • There is absolutely no need to pay for antivirus: Some companies take great charges when they install anti-virus in customers’ computer during the repair. However, there is absolutely no need to pay for the antivirus.
  • No one has actually looked at your computer: Some cheap computer repair companies don’t actually look at your computer problem in deep. They just resolve the problem for some time and after some time you may face same problem.