How to Repair a Computer - 6 Easy Steps

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In your daily life, computer or laptop is used several times for different purposes. While using, you may face various problems. Some of them may be simple and common that can be resolved at personal level at home. While others may be serious and complicated those need an experts’ help to resolve. Here we will discuss computer repair tips and tricks that can be implemented to solve common and simple pc problems.  

  • Hanging Problem: You can face this problem due to several reasons. So first you have to find out the reason behind the problem. Notice, if the issue started when you connected any hardware peripherals to system like printer or scanner, then this may be due to a driver confliction. If the issue occurred after installing new software, then this may be due to less space. Once you will sure about the problem reason only then you can resolve it efficiently. To solve the first problem disconnect the attached hardware peripheral and install required driver first. And for second problem, check current available free space of your system and also the size of installed software. If the installed software is too heavy and important for you, then create some space for it by deleting unwanted and useless files and programs.
  • Blue Screen of Death and No Boot: In this problem, your computer has power but nothing on the screen. You can see lights and hear fans spinning but no boot will be possible. In some cases computer starts to boot up and then crashes with a ‘blue screen’. This problem can occur due to several reasons. If your computer boots into Safe Mode then it is a software related issue. If you are able to hear computer running, try swapping monitors or plugging in an external monitor for laptop.
  • Overheating Problem: This problem occurs due to the carelessness of users. Many of the computer users don’t give regular care and cleaning to their systems and face this problem. As you know, there are in-built fans in all types of computers and laptops for their cooling. But due to dust they get filled and systems start giving overheating problem. To resolve this problem clean your system with a soft cloth and quality cleaner, specially the fans.
  • Data Loss: Data loss is also one of the most common computer problems. To avoid this problem always take backup of your important data. There are several programs and software that can be used to recover corrupted data.