Computer repair Computer repair
Computer repair PC repair PC repair
PC repair

"UK PC fix responds quickly, is reasonably priced and has always come through fixing my computer problems. I'd recommend them far and wide to everyone!"

Joe, RM9 6DT


"Great service at a great price!"

Steve, E16 1NS


"Quick, highly efficient,and cost-effective service brought to you by really nice people. What else could a customer ask for?"

Inga, SE28 8NN


We really like the prompt response, the honest assessment of the problem and the fair price for such quality computer repair service. We are totally satisfied with our computer service experiences. We recommend your services to everyone.

Shield security doors Ltd, HA9 0HF


"I have always considered myself to be a bit of a geek. So when my CD drive crashed, I figured I could install a new one myself. Well, a couple of hours and too many mismatched connections later, I gave up and called UK PC fix. Within a few hours, a technician was at my home and had hooked everything up perfectly. Additionally, I had previously jerry-rigged a broken clip which required me to open the computer up every time I needed to physically restart it. UK PC fix technician fixed it too and I haven’t had a problem since!"

Andre, HA9 9BT


"My computer skills are limited, and several times we had either viruses or some computer glitch that left our home computer paralyzed. In all cases, PC repair techs came to the rescue to bail us out. Quick turn-around time, economical repairs, and personalized service keep us loyal to their business. Thanks!!!"

Lynn, SW11 5RW

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