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Your tablet is not doubt an essential tool. You can do several personal and professional tasks easily by the help of a tablet. But you may face problems or issues in tablet that cannot be resolved without repair services.  Finding quality and reliable tablet repair services is not an easy task. Some technicians may charge you more than the damage and treated problem. You can save expense of repair by giving proper care to your device. If you want to know what you need to do to avoid repair costs then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss some tips that will help you to run your device smoothly for long time.

  • Cleaning Your Tablet: You should clean the display screen of your tablet on the regular basis. For this cleaning, always use a soft cotton cloth to wipe up the screen. You can use mild soap with no abrasive to clean the display. Keep in mind that your device is not waterproof. So do not spray liquids directly or wash your device with a heavily soaked cloth. Also do not use abrasive solvents for the cleaning.
  • Caring for Your Pen: Do not use any other pen instead of the provided pen to write or tap on the display. Always keep your pen clean and do not tap heavily on the display.
  • Battery Care: Always make sure you charge battery fully. You should clean battery contacts occasionally. When not using Wi-Fi, disable the Wi-Fi adapter. Reduce the peripheral equipment. There are some other battery care tips that will help you to avoid cost of tablet repair.
  • Remove unnecessary apps and make more room: Sometimes we install any application for one time use and forget to remove it. These unnecessary apps will make your tablet more complex and heavy to run. That’s why you should delete all the unnecessary apps for your device time to time.
  • Keep it away from bad elements: Avoid direct sunlight for long time period for your tablet. You also need to protect it from the excessive heat.
  • Carry it in a case: If you really want to give your device good protection then always carry it in a case when you’re on the move.
  • Use Screen Protector: In order to give more protection to screen you can use a screen protector. You can find it online or at any service center of tablet. The screen protector will not affect the performance and usability of your device or pen.

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Do you believe in self computer repairs? If yes then this article is for you. Here we will discuss when you should try to resolve pc problems without anyone help and when should not. This information is useful to all computer users’ as it will help them to understand which types of pc issues can be fixed without going to a repair shop.

It is true pc or laptop repair can be risky if you don’t have thorough understanding of the details of your pc hardware and software. Here are 5 computer issues that most of the users face and that can be resolved easily.

  • Speed issue: After one or two years of purchase you may face slow speed issue in the pc. Reason of this issue may be heavy data storage or a virus installation. You should delete all useless and duplicate files weekly basis from your system and install a strong anti-virus. By this method you can easily get good speed of pc for many years.
  • Less memory: Many users face system hanging and slow speed issue due to less memory. Memory can be bought online or from a computer repair center easily. You can install it in pc without any complexity and can get good speed and boost performance.
  • Accidently shut down: If you are facing this problem then don’t worry. Just open your CPU and clean it with a soft cloth. Sometimes due to dust your pc gives this problem. By regular cleaning of your entire computer you can avoid this problem for lifetime.
  • Overheating: This pc problem can also be resolved by proper cleaning. Due to dust the cooling fans of your computer don’t work properly and system give overheating problem.
  • Network issues: If you face network problem with your wireless network. Then check your cable, router or DSL modem. They may be crashed. If this is the condition then reboot or restart the gadgets by unplugging them for at least 30 seconds. After that plugging them back. It will usually solve your problem.

Besides these problems you may face many serious issues in your pc that cannot be resolved without the help of computer repair services. Such problems occur due to technical issues and cannot be solved without an expert technician. Here are some examples of these problems:

  • Computer, mouse and keyword all are not working
  • Required files are missing
  • Program froze
  • Not able to exit from a program
  • Startup screen is not showing etc.

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Technology has solved several problems of human life. In today’s world everything is available online. You just need an internet connection for that. You can use internet on phone, laptop or computer and can make life happier. By the help of computer and laptop several tasks can be done efficiently and more comfortably like online shopping, accounting, net banking, study etc. Laptop repair can be done online easily and with low cost. But before and during acquiring any repair services you should remember some points such as

  • Warranty Period: Most of the companies provide one or two years warranty on their laptops. So if your laptop is under warranty then don’t disassemble it. If you will miss anything of hardware during the repair process then many companies will not accept replacement condition. Therefore it will be better for you to take your system to an authorized repair center instead of trying yourself.
  • Right tools: If the warranty of your system is over and you want at least one try for the repair then check your available tools. Your laptop repair tools must be right. If right tools are not used, you may get harmful damage while removing the parts.
  • Make list: Always make a list of all the removed parts before starting the repair process. Otherwise you may miss some of them. Also note their exact place and connections to assemble them in right place after the repair process. If you will try to connect connectors at wrong place they may get damaged.
  • Do You Know the Technician? If the problem of your laptop is critical and warranty is also over then you have to take help from an expert technician. Make sure you know the technician well before acquiring his services.
  • Keep an eye on complete process: Ask technician about the problem and the required time for solution? If this is task of one to two hours then wait and keep an eye on whole repair process. It is necessary for the health of your laptop and you can also learn how to solve the same problem in future.
  • Take expert services: You can analyze skills and expertise of a technician by discussing your current problem. If you have any doubt about his skills then don’t hire him for your laptop repair. Technical expert is necessary in a technician to get good and safe results.
  • Don’t compromise with price: In order to make your system safe and useable for longtime don’t compromise with budget during the repair process.

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In today’s world mobile phones are become extremely common. Many of the people can’t live even a single day without their phone. Reason, nowadays, these devices are not just used to receive call or call back; several other tasks can be easily by the help of these devices like Email, online shopping, video calling etc.  However, the cost of a quality cell is still high. Regardless of the care, your mobile can get damaged or malfunctioned. Everyone cannot buy a new phone easily when they face problem in old one or when old phone get damaged. These are the situations where most of the people look for a phone repair service.

Your cell can give you problems due to different reasons. So first you need to understand the reason of problem. If the problem is common then no need to go for the repair center. But if the problem is beyond of your knowledge then you should try to find economical repair tools. Same fact is applicable for the damage situation. For small and common damage don’t go for the repair center and for serious damage find best cost effective methods of phone repair. Here we will discuss some most economical repair tools or methods that will help you in both conditions.

  • First of all, you should contact with the manufacturer of your phone to confirm if the company sells phone repair tools or not. If the company is selling, it is good news to you. As these tools will be extremely useful to your mobile. If not, then you have to find other companies tools which are compatible to your cell also.
  • You should consult with your local expert repair shop or center to get detailed information about the proper use of the repair tools. They will assist you well in this aspect and you can also ask any question easily from them without any hesitation.
  • Today’s everything is available online. You can buy phone repair tools easily online at a reputed store. You can see video to apply or proper use of these tools. If you still have any confusion, take help of online repair services. They are available for 24 hours. You can discuss every problem with them easily and they can give you suggestions according to the problem. By the help of these services you can repair mobile fast, safely and without spending lot of time and money.

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Are you facing problems in your computer or laptop? Want to repair them yourself? If yes, then you have to buy some products for the repair process. Here are some tips that you should follow before and after the purchase of the products.

  • Analyze the Problem: Computer repair is not an easy task. But if you have decided to handle it by yourself then first analyze the main reason of problem. If you have some confusion about the reason of the problem then take help of internet. Without exact estimation of the problem you cannot solve it accurately.
  • Collection information: After the problem estimation collect detailed information about the solution. One problem can be solved by different ways. But you have to find out the best possible solution for your system. When you have detailed information about the problem, it will be easy to you buy right repair products.
  • Purchase Option: You can buy computer repair products online and offline. If you have exact detail about the repair products then you can buy them online. There are several online stores that offer great deals and discounts on such type of products time to time. If you have some confusion about the use and function of these products then buy them from your local repair store or center. As you can replace them easily here in case of any trouble.
  • Don’t hurry up: During the purchase of these products you need great attention. So don’t make any decision in hurry. Read your mobile model no and required parts name and number carefully to buy right products.
  • Before apply: Before the use of new repair products, see how the old ones are assembled in your phone. You can write their place name and direction in your notebook to avoid any confusion. You can watch YouTube videos or read tutorials to clear any of your confusion.
  • Online Repair Services Help: There are several online companies that provide help for the computer or laptop repair. Most of the times these companies provide their toll free number on the website. You can call them at any time as their services are 24*7. However, they will take some money for their services but costs are reasonable and you can use the purchased products in repair process. By the help of these services you can repair your system yourself and in front of your eyes. So there will be no issue of security and duplicate products.

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Computer repair services can charge you several dollars just for simple things that you can do yourself at home. By doing basic regular things you can avoid any harm for the pc and repair costs. This article will describe top 5 pc repair places that can be handled by any user easily.

  • Viruses and Malware Free: Virus or malware can harm any computer badly. It can destroy your complete programs or important files within a few hours. Therefore it is the responsibility of every user to keep his system virus free by anyway. By installing a good antivirus in a computer anyone can keep away virus and repair costs from their PC easily.
  • Reinstall the Operating System: It is bad fact but true that computers become slower over time. Many people take their system to a computer repair shop to solve this problem. Most of the repair centers find Windows reinstallation fastest and easiest solution of this problem. But you can do this task easily if you have basic knowledge of pc. Take back-up of all the important data before starting this process. 
  • Duplication removal: Your system can give you problem due to different reasons. Excess data storage and duplicate data are the two reasons of them. You can remove duplicate data by a program or software instead of manual process. You should check your pc weekly or monthly basis for excess data and remove them eventually.
  • Upgrade Your RAM or Hard Drive: If your hard drive is crashed then don’t worry. As placing a new hard drive is an easy task. It can be done easily without taking the system to a pc repair Placing a new ram is necessary if you want to store more data in same pc and want to get good working speed. It is also an easy task and can be done without the help of an expert.
  • Recover Deleted Files: Many of the computer users get afraid when any of their file get deleted by mistake or get corrupted due to any reason. They immediately contact to a computer repair shop or center. They don’t try to solve their problem by themselves. However, they can handle this problem themselves easily by a program or software. There are several software that you can buy online or offline which will help you to recover deleted files easily.

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Are you facing problem in your computer or laptop? Want to take it to a repair center or shop? If yes, then read this article carefully before going ahead. Here we will discuss some top secrets of computer repair that no company will tell you.

  • They can place used in your machine but charged you for new: However, not all companies do such type of behavior with customers. But you need to aware about it even for the rare case. Company can place a used part in your machine in place of damaged part and can take full charges from you. So ask the technician to take your permission for placing any internal or external part in the pc. Also, recheck the newly placed part before paying money and leaving the repair shop.
  • Company can damaged something else on your computer trying to fix it: It may be happened accidently. But company will not accept their mistake. Contrary, they may blame last tech or a previous repair center for this mistake.
  • The repair cost will vary from the phone discussed price: Some computer repair companies show low cost in the adverting. But when you will take their services they will cost you more than the real cost. Some other companies show low cost of repair during the phone discussion but after the repair they will ask you for the extra cost by making any excuses.
  • They ship your computer/device out of state for repair: Today, such type of cases occur more and more. Companies that don’t actually hold qualifications, certification and experience to perform repair services use this method. They ship different companies’ computer devices out of state and start their repair business without any authority. They only work for their business profits and don’t care for the customers’ needs.
  • If you don’t have your data backed up, and they lose it: However, these are very rare cases. But some companies do their work in hurry and create the data loss problem to customers who don’t take the back-up of their data.
  • There is absolutely no need to pay for antivirus: Some companies take great charges when they install anti-virus in customers’ computer during the repair. However, there is absolutely no need to pay for the antivirus.
  • No one has actually looked at your computer: Some cheap computer repair companies don’t actually look at your computer problem in deep. They just resolve the problem for some time and after some time you may face same problem.

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We are living in a technology world where different models of phones and tables released every month. Therefore, most of the people prefer to buy a new phone when they face any problem with the gadgets of their phone. Screen replacement for a cracked i-Phone, Android phone and tablet seem to be out of the question. Dealers will always give you the advice to buy a new phone or table instead of repairing the old one. This may be the most common advice, but not the best. Here we will discuss top 5 reasons why you should repair your cell phone or tablet instead of buying a new one.

  • Paying for a branded new product hurts your pocket: Buying a new phone or tablet will surely hurt your pocket. While you can repair the old one in just half of that cost. So, before taking decision to buy the new determine the damage of old one. If the repair of old phone or tablet is possible at reasonable price, then give it preference.
  • A cell phone repair shop can help you to take right decision: Most of the customers take the decision of buying a new phone due to their less knowledge about the phones. They don’t know what to do with their device after the damage or problem. But this problem can be solved by taking help from a local phone repair They will let you know the actual damage or problem and also the repair cost of your old device.
  • Your cell phone may have a sentimental value: Maybe your old phone was a gift from your parents, or a loved one. You can buy a more functional and incredible phone by spending more money but cannot find the attachment of the old one.
  • You may lose your important data: Repair of old device is also important to take back-up of your important data present in the old cell. Without the repair some devices don’t give option of data back-up.

Repair warranty: If you are thinking phone repair services don’t offer any warranty, then you are wrong. All the reputed companies offer minimum one year warranty of their repair services. If you take repair services for your cell from a local repair shop, ask them about the warranty. They will also give warranty for the specific time.

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Are you facing laptop overheating problem? Does it shutdown without any warning or error message? Does it give noise when you work or open more than 3 tabs in your browser? If your answer to all the above questions is yes, then your laptop need repair. But don’t worry you can solve this problem or repair laptop easily by the listed below tips.

  • Find the Heat Source: First of all, you have to find out the heat source in your laptop i.e. where the heat is coming from. No air flow means no heat transfer, so figure out where the air vents are. Also make sure, are they blowing hot air or is there barely a breeze?
  • Fix Internal Cooling: The next important task that you need to fix the overheating problem of your laptop is to create good internal cooling. For that, clean the cooling fans that provide cooling to CPU and graphics card. The cooling fans of your laptop may be filled up by dust and dirt which will slow down their proper working. If you have knowledge about the internal parts of laptop, then try to open it. If not, consult manufacturer to find out the right opening method. But first, shut down laptop, unplug the power strip and ground yourself. Now clean the cooling fans with a soft cloth and a drop of alcohol.
  • Keep The Laptop On A Hard & Flat Surface: If you use laptop by putting it on an uneven surface like pillow and blanket etc, the natural flow of air into the system will get disturbed. The system will built heat and you will face overheating problem. But this problem can be easily avoided by using a hard and flat surface to keep the laptop.
  • Invest In A Laptop Cooler: Another useful method that can be used to avoid the overheating problem is the use of additional coolers. However, a wrong selected cooler can make the problem worst. Therefore, before purchasing understand the flow of air into and out of your system.
  • What about the Potential Software Fixes: If none of the above tips are useful to fix the overheating problem of your system, then revert to software fixes. These will address the performance and power usage of your laptop. You can either reduce the brightness of your screen or reduce the CPU clock speed. If you don’t have knowledge about this, then take help of experts. Don’t try to handle it on your end.